Dehydration can really wear you down, without you even realising it. If you're breastfeeding, you run an even greater risk of becoming dehydrated, so remember to drink plenty of fluids. Avoid caffeinated or sugary drinks. Both will only end up making you feel more exhausted, plus caffeine can pass through your breast milk to your baby, making her even more restless!

The best thirst quencher is water, so drink lots of it – about six to eight glasses a day. An easy way to remember is to drink a glass of water whenever you sit down to feed your baby. Avoid heavy foods which can weigh you down (burgers or pizza, for example). Instead, eat lighter foods, including moisture-rich foods like fruits and vegetables, with a little pasta.

Don't forget that your skin needs moisture too. To help replenish your skin's moisture - and to take a much needed moment for yourself - take a shower or bath. In addition to helping hydrate your skin, a shower or bath will help to relax your sore muscles. Be sure to use a gentle, moisturising cleanser. JOHNSON'S® Baby SOFTWASH, enriched with one-third baby lotion, can help your skin feel moisturised while it gently cleans. A warm shower can help you relax. If you've had a caesarean section, talk to your Midwife or Doctor about exact instructions for bathing and showering.

Remember to apply a moisturiser to your damp skin after your shower, to help seal in moisture. A moisturiser such as JOHNSON'S® Baby Oil or Lotion can also help your skin maintain its suppleness, both are hypoallergenic and with a clinically proven mild formula.