Young Haircare Tips

1. Only use gentle hair products developed for babies and young children.

2. As soon as you've washed and conditioned, get the little knots out with a wide-toothed comb.

3. Make sure your toddler has the right haircut. If the hair is curly, you may want her hair all one length. If it's thick or wavy, a layered haircut can help.

4. Use a shampoo that's enriched with conditioners for the delicate nature of baby's hair.

5. Make hair washing as fun as possible with a sing-a-long or scalp massage as you lather the shampoo. Maybe you could let her blow bubbles.

6. Protect long hair overnight - never leave clips in, do keep hair tied up and if it's long enough you could also plait it before sleep.

7. In some weather conditions, your child's hair can become unruly. To avoid this, try styling your toddler's hair, by tying up for example. You can also use our leave-in conditioner to help.