Your baby's bath time should be an uninterrupted and enjoyable part of your day. Like baby massage, it can be an excellent way to relax your baby, to help prepare her for bedtime.

You don't really need to bathe your baby everyday – your Midwife or Health Visitor may recommend bathing your newborn just two to three times per week, increasing frequency as baby gets older.

However, you should wash her face and hands at least twice a day with a gentle baby cleanser like soap-free, hypoallergenic JOHNSON'S® Baby TOP-TO-TOE® Bath, and keep her nappy area clean and protected with a barrier cream after every nappy change. Your baby's bath time should be uninterrupted and enjoyable, so if you've had a busy, hectic day, sit down for a few minutes and relax first.

It's always best to bathe your baby before a feed, as long as she's not too hungry. Bathing your baby too soon after a feed may make her uncomfortable. And remember, it’s important that you never leave your baby alone in the bath!