Hair care

Haircare - Detangling Tips
As your baby grows she increasingly explores the world she lives in, plays outside, swims, rolls around and generally becomes more active.
All this can be quite tough on her hair and it's perfectly normal to experience knots. 
Maybe much more than an adult would, because your children's hair is different than adults' hair in texture and density.
Because it's uncomfortable for your child, combing tangled hair can be really difficult for you.
That's why we developed the NO MORE TANGLES® range for the special needs of young hair.


Help unlock tangles with NO MORE TANGLES® Shampoo. And remember it's a good idea to wash hair in the direction that it falls...

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Help tame even the hardest knots with NO MORE TANGLES® Conditioner – ideal to use after shampooing...

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Remember to use a wide-toothed comb and try to distract your child with a toy or by playing a game. Make it go even more smoothly by using our NO MORE TANGLES® Spray...

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Young Haircare Tips

1. Only use gentle hair products developed for babies and young children.
2. As soon as you've washed and conditioned, get the little knots out with a wide-toothed comb...

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